The Billboard On Wheels

Target Capabilities

  • Geographical – Due to the mobility of the screen, the geographical reach includes all suburbs; informal settlements; outlying towns; and remote areas around South Africa. There are no infrastructural requirements for campaigns, and the truck can carry reserve fuel supplies if needed. 
  • Viewership – Estimated reach of 10,000 to 100,000 viewers per day (Location dependent).
  •  Accessibility – Campaigns that have multiple languages can adjusted according to community requirements.


  • Audio range can be adjusted according to target radius.
  • Visual – high-quality LED screen with adjustable brightness and unpixellated  imaging output. 

Unique Selling Proposition 

  • The LED Mobile-Billboard truck is a marketing asset. The fully equipped truck is aimed at optimizing the delivery and exposure of audio-visual marketing media.  The LED screen enables marketing campaigns to reach a wide range of diverse viewers through its mobility. The truck can go anywhere in South Africa and provide information that is relevant, reliable, and timely. With full onboard WIFI, media can be constantly updated and uploaded within minutes. This feature also enables live-streaming, and live-video projection. 
  • The truck is a diesel vehicle and carries a generator, which makes it non-reliant on electricity. 
  • The LED screen is eco-friendly as it reduces the wastage of materials that are attributed to print media and single-use marketing materials. As well as, contributing to the reduction of property and infrastructure damage by marketing material. 

Our Vision

To inform and reach all communities by providing information that is available in multiple languages and locations. ​ ​

Our Mission

To educate and promote awareness that is accessible and informative for

Our Services

10 Ad Spaces

These spaces have the capacity to run for 20 seconds each. ​

8-Hour Time Slot

A single campaign is run 144 times

12-Hour Time Slot

A single campaign is run 216 times.

22 Day Period

A single campaign is run 3168 times.

Our Clients Serviced

  • Malawi Government: Election campaign (2009)
  • National AIDS Commission of Malawi: AIDS awareness (2010)
  • National Roads Safety Council of Malawi: Road safety awareness campaigns (2011)
  • Wurth: Stores openings, day campaigns
  • NDA: Government, GBV campaigns
  • POWA: NGO, GBV campaigns
  • National Lottery: Advertisement campaigns for bigger jackpots
  • Edan Trailers: Advertisement campaigns
  • CapFin: Advertisement campaigns